Sunday, March 06, 2016

Hooray! I made the 2nd place (PUR-80) in the 8-Bit BASIC Tenliners Contest 2016! So cool :)
Here is the link to the results: Winners of the BASIC Tenliners 2016 Contest

This was my contribution: FireFighter64 for the Commodore 64 (see download link below):

Download FireFigher64.rar

What can I say about my motivation to take part in a contest to make a BASIC game in 10 lines of code? Isn't BASIC something for beginners you may ask? Don't be fooled: It's all about what you make out of it. And further to that...
  1. Game development is still a passion of mine.
  2. I like challenges.
  3. The limitation forces you to be creative.
  4. It didn't take me 4-5 years to code (unlike Traps'n'Treasures).
  5. The contest gave me a valid reason to spend some time on my retro hobby (accepted and approved by family members).
Although, I wasn't aware how tricky it actually will be to write a game in ten lines of code in Commodore V2 BASIC until I discovered that an IF THEN statement affects the whole rest of a line (END IF does not exist) and therefore cannot be used anymore for other things. And that is where the fun only started.

But what a great opportunity to re-experience how it all began and to get in touch again with my old beloved C64. Honestly, this contest is one of the the best things to learn more about your 8-bit machine and to honour the early computer era. I can highly recommend it! Looking already forward to BASIC Tenliners Contest 2017.

BTW: There was a nice article about last years Tenliners contest in the german "Return" magazine #23.