Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Redbeards Revenge - Traps'n'Treasures Secret #2

Ahoi There!
If you believe it or not but the evil pirate Redbeard - that was playing the counterpart of Jeremy Flinn - actually existed. Here, and for the first time ever, the fans of Traps'n'Treasures can finally see who they had to fight against in these hours and hours of tough gameplay.

There were actually plans that we put end-bosses in TNT but there were other priorities that were more important (e.g. "Why is this damn memory management losing the released bytes!!!" ). Another reason why we decided against end-bosses was that in a Jump'n'Run end-bosses were always associated with "Jump with own bottom on enemie's head". We did not want to go the same way.


Anonymous said...

Dear Roman! My name is Slava, I'm from Moscow (Russia). I'm an Amiga fan and... I was realy glad when I found your blog occasionally. I would like to exspress you my respect for Traps'n'Treasures. Is's one of my favourite Amiga games and undoubtly one of the best games ever made for this system. It's a shame, that it was never ported to other consoles/PC and had no sequel... I'm shure, that TNT could find its auditory if it had been ported, for example, onto handhelds. Sometimes I put my Amiga 600 from the shelf to remember good old times, when games had bad graphics, but good soul.
Frankly speaking, I ran onto your blog, when I tried to find walkthrough for TNT. I know all the level codes :), but I never could complete the Grotto level. May be you could give me a hint? I got stuck in the place, where I got compass - it's something like stone cupboard, which, I suspect must be opened. But how - there is something like a strange patch near it, but I don't know, what I should use on it. I have a yellow key, a weight (10 kg :)) and I could buy a magnifying glass in the shop. But all my tools don't work it the "patch". If you still remember all the nuances of the game and can find a minute to help me I would really appreciate it (here's my email: Anyway - thank you for the great game.

Anonymous said...

Good evening Sir Romane, there is a version of the Traps & Treasures complete, including volcanoes and jungle? My E-mail is This game I played six years, and I think that this is one of the best games on the amiga. Thank :-))))

Boris said...

When do you give us #2 or an iPhone App?
What is missing?