Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Longplay Video of Traps'n'Treasures (2h:40m)

There is a unbelievable video of Traps'n'Treasures on YouTube showing a player called LEMM playing through all the levels in one go! It took him 2 hours and 40 minutes only!

I'm really impressed and didn't know that such a thing is even possible (Must make it even harder next time). ;-)

BTW: Thanks to the Anonymous user to point this one out in the last post's comment.


Anonymous said...

Very nice and well made game!

I saw this very video earlier today, I often check their YouTube page to view some of the nice games they play through, and after some clicking around on the net via I ended up here on your blog. As an old Amiga programmer I enjoyed reading your article on the TNT development, and especially viewing the level maps and your Amiga related blogs!

WojBet said...

Hello Roman i want to ask u something. I didnt find ur e mail, so i am writing here ( btw, sorry for offtop) I want to write a review in CD ACTION, one of the biggest newspaper about games in Poland. Can i wrote to them about ur great game " traps n Treasures" and use ur screens from ur website? Plis respond, my e mail is : Thanks, and best wishes, Wojtek

Anonymous said...

Hi Roman,

Can you please email me at as I would like to talk to you about a possible remake of Traps'N'Treasures. I think this is an excellent game.



ketyow said...

Hey, was that published in CD-Action? I saw an article on, some people still love this game :) Including me. One of the greatest ever played!

Anonymous said...

hello Roman,

I have to say that your game traps n treasures marked my teen period. My friends and I were playing it for many hours.

You cannot imagine how it brings memories back.

is there any way to play this game on pc or mac?

could you please send me response to

Thanks in front Ivan, from Serbia (Belgrade)