Sunday, September 29, 2013

Traps'n'Treasures among the top rarest AMIGA 500 game titles!

The issue #113 of the english magazin "Retro Gamer" featured an AMIGA 500 Collector's Guide.

And guess what: Traps'n'Treasures is listed there among the 6 top rarest PAL game titles! Wow!

I was told that especially the Krisalis (english) version of the game pays high figures at auctions (CHF 200 and more). Well, I'm happy for all the folks out there, who still have the original box.


Anonymous said...

I hope you did keep some of your own game boxes, as memorabilia if nothing else!

King Roman said...

Even I (the developer) have never owned or even seen the english (Krisalis) box version before. So if you still have one, feel very lucky.

Nijhum said...

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