Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ever heard of LINEL's SoundFX?


In the next days I will upload some of my old Amiga tunes of which many of them never made it into a game. However most of them are unfinished or short harmony trials. Also the variety of samples used in my songs is a bit limited because at these days good quality samples were not that wide spread. I had my set of instruments that I preferred - and reused them a lot. :-)

Nevertheless - Just listen and feel the good old 4-Channel-Sound-Memories return.

All songs were composed with SoundFX, a great soundtracker made by Christian Haller for Linel.

To convert them to MP3 I first used DeliPlayer (The only mod player I know that manages to play SoundFX Mods on the PC) with its great recording feature to save the output as wave file and then encoded it into MP3. The free version of DeliPlayer only supports Mono output but it's actually quite pleasant to listen to the songs that way.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting page.
I'm Amiga music maniac and sometimes poor coder.
I'm looking for latest SoundFX
(31 samples) editor. I need mostly
replay routine (SoundFX.library, I think), because I want to make next
player for EaglePlayer.
Could you send to me latest
SoundFX editor or only library?
Or maybe ask Haller or Webber for permission at first.
My contact email address is available on the Wanted Team page.
Don Adan
PS. Sorry for my very poor english.