Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pixel Art #1

Okay. Here's a little eye-catcher for a change. This little hero here is called Flynn - Jeremy Flynn.

He's the main character from Traps'n'Treasures, the game I designed with Ruedi Hugentobler (Level Design, Music) and Orlando (Graphics) in 1992. Orlando, responsible for most of the graphics, did a great job especially on the wonderful title screen, but more about that project later.

However - It took Orlando and me several weeks or even months until the final shape of Jeremy was formed the way he appeared in the game.

Next time you'll find out what Jeremy looked like before his workout sessions... You'll see and be flabbergasted :-)


Anonymous said...

This excellent game should be remaked. The best game I ever played up until this day.

Kevin said...

Hi mr. Werner,

i have planned a remake of traps n treasures for windows pcs, and for level design i need any graphics.

is it possible to get them from your site.

following is planned:

gameplay like the original traps n treasure
character and enemy design like original traps n treasure
leveldesign like original traps n treasure

new points:
second maincharacter , your Girl Scooter
2 new levels jungle and vulcano as per your drafts.

is it possible to get help from your site for this fan game project?

kind regards and greetings from germany
Kevin (